IntelliDocX iCCS Provides IT Staff Augmentation

Outsourced IT Services It’s A Thing

76% Of executives indicated that IT functions are outsourced

Draw From Our Pool Of 250+ IT Specialists

Qualified professionals

Hiring qualified professionals with an average 8 years' experience to work for you remotely or onsite.

Avoided Administration

We cover all overhead and administrative work-at no added cost


Upgrade or replace your resource at anytime, while saving up to 60% on project resource costs.

About Us

What Does Intellidox ICCS Offer?

Our IT services staff augmentation group consists of 250+ highly skilled specialists (our employees). You choose the engagement model

We are not a Hiring Agency, but we are experienced in delivering for our own requirements and for our clients in areas such as enterprise systems, 3-tier full stack development, leading edge technologies such as Applied Al, Big Data, BI/Analytics, RPA, along with SaaS and On-Prem product development.


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What IT Services do we offer?

250+ Highly Skilled IT Specialists Onshore, Offshore, Onsite (your choice) With Delivery Experience in:

  • 3 Tier Full Stack Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)
  • Hyperscale Cloud Platforms (AWS, GCP, & Azure)
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • BI/Analytics
  • RPA & Business Automation
  • Data & System Migrations
  • Intelligent Content Processing
  • Cloud ECM
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Web & Mobile Applications

The core advantages from utilizing our staff augmentation capability include :


We bring real expertise in your technologies

Business Intelligence Analysis

SAP ERP and Success Factors Specialists

Our Engineers Can Provide

Applied AI: IDX iCCS is Well Beyond Just Theory

Business adoption of AI is increasing due to the ability to access large volumes of data and the captured value from enterprise AI applications. COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the pace of adoption.

According to a 2021 survey by IBM and Morning Consult, one-third of companies have deployed AI and nearly half of them are exploring it.

However, enterprises state these as 3 factors that constitutes a barrier to AI adoption:

  • Limited AI expertise or knowledge
  • Increasing data complexity and data silos
  • Lack of tools/platforms for developing AI model

Leverage our expert resources for your AI Initiatives and Transformations

Extend Your Team

Grow your team and expand your software development capabilities with a reliable tech partner by your side.

Custom Software Development

Build a custom solution, modernize your system, or solve a specific business issue with our end-to-end software solution development services.

Product Discovery

Use our experts to validate your idea, mitigate risks, ensure successful project kick-off, and shape the final scope of the solution.

Technology Consulting

Maximize the value of your tech investments and fuel innovation with a tech consulting partner that can both design and execute your strategy.

Our AI & ML Development Capabilities

1. ML Models Development

2. Deep Learning

3. Computer Vision

4. Natural Language Processing(NLP)

5. Chatbots & Conversational AI

6. Recommendation Systems

7. Reinforcement Learning

8. Deploying ML to production

Resources for your AI Projects

Our Team can Contribute:

✔ Reinvent critical workflows and operations by adding AI to maximize experiences, decision-making and business value

 ✔ Build AI driven New Products and Applications

 ✔ Apply AI to some of the biggest challenges we face, locally and globally

Our Team members have worked on AI/ML Projects involving

✔ Combined AI, ML & Data Science

✔ Intelligent App Platforms and RPA

✔ Intelligent Content Processing

✔ Knowledge Based Forms Recognition

✔ Microsoft AI platforms and Solutions

✔ Applied AI for

  • SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Dynamics
  • SuccessFactors
  • OpenText
  • SalesForce

✔ Applied AI for HealthCare/Life Sciences

✔ Big Data Analytics

✔ Embedded Software & IOT

✔ OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google AI,  Open AI

✔ AMAZON Lex and AI Services

✔ ML, Generative, Inference & Speech AI

✔ Automation Testing

✔ AI Supercomputer Infrastructures