Microsoft Azure ECM for SAP

Content Processing.

Supports SAP RISE

Add Technical Resources to your Transformation and Migration Projects

Take Your SAP Content To The Cloud Also

Certified compatible with SAP S4/HANA, Private Edition (RISE)

Who can use this ?

Content Enable SAP

Anybody running SAP’s  ECC, HANA, S4/HANA ERPs; cloud or on-premise and looking to have an Azure ECM for SAP.

Looking to “cloud enable” their ECM document management and handling with the Azure Power Platform

Transform Azure into your SAP Content Services Platform


Content as an Azure Service

Azure Services-oriented model means content storage, retrieval and utilization is on demand. With Azure ECM for SAP, content management is a global cloud service with acess and delivery to users, applications and workflow automations, anywhere. 

Content can be utilized both inside SAP or by external content consumers as where, and when required. 

World Class ECM

100% SAP ArchiveLink/CMIS and Microsoft Azure, standards based solution for SAP content management as a cloud service

Meta Data Driven

Bi-directional ArchiveLink Content Actions

Azure Blob Storage or SharePoint On-Line/O365

Use Azure for SuccessFactors ECM also

Our Customers

What Is Delivered ?

Intelligent Content Processing

• SAP Processes and Records transparently linked to supporting documents held in the Azure ECM for SAP
• Meta Data provides the ability to optimize, automate and extend content centric SAP processes
• Open API Content Actions enable external workflows & apps with identical inside -SAP functionality

Increased Productivity

• O365/Azure App users collaborate and work with “in-side SAP” users
• Advanced Content Search by business data
• MS O365, Fiori, SharePoint, Teams & Mobile Content Centers, in addition to the SAP UI

Omni-Channel Content Services

• Repositories - Store and utilize SAP originated content, external documents tied to SAP processes/records, and non-linked SAP documents together.
• Ingestion - Store to Azure from within SAP apps, AND by users who are anywhere/anytime outside SAP, PLUS as pre-processed by process automations, RPA bots, AI Cognitive Services, etc.
• Access - Globally. From in-Side SAP UIs, Fiori apps and dashboards, O365, Teams, Web UIs, Process Automation Apps, etc.
• Utilization - Multiple SAP systems, Fiori apps, users anywhere, external apps, Power Apps, Teams & Process Automations sap content management as a cloud service.

Common Repository for SuccessFactors HXM & SAP HCM employee files

Intelligent CLOUD ECM Infrastructure

You will be running your business even better!

Intelligent Content Infrastructure provides Content Services combined with automated meta data provisioning, bi-directional SAP content, transactional and web services, that provides the business the opportunity to deploy content processing automations which can leverage AI, RPA Bots, Image Recognition/OCR, Microsoft Power and Teams Apps, plus even incorporate distributed workflows and intelligent content centers.

A Native Azure Service

1. No hosted VM’s or Gateways

2. Initialized via Azure Resource Manager

3. Functions as standard Azure Resource Group

4. Administered & monitored within Azure Resource Manager

5. Inherits Full Azure Auto-Scaling, Recovery & Securitization Services

The Possible

Store, Archive, Manage

· SAP Users don't know their content is in Azure.

· Store, Publish, Collaborate, Transact

· Use Azure Securitization & Governance for SAP ECM

Collaborate in Real-Time

· O365/Azure App users collaborate and work with “in-side SAP” users

· Perform late, early, in-time content storage (from in or outside SAP)

Use Your Microsoft Tools

· MS Power Apps


 ·Power Automate

· SharePoint Add-ins

· Power BI

· Visual Studio

Automate & Optimize

· Snap into Content Work Centers

· Auto-feed document to SAP transactions 

· Upload new documents from Azure; instantly link to SAP records

· Content Services as an activity in RPA, OCR, AI, Process Automations

Collaborate in Real-Time

· Initialize, configure and be storing in your Azure ECM for SAP in less than an hour!

· Use your existing Azure Instance

· Migrate legacy content for SAP? Our Partner Teams can help with that!

Common Store for SAP HR & SuccessFactors

· Employee File Storage & Archive

· SAP Infotype Based Access Control 

· Advanced Document Search

· Employee File Content Centers

Our Value

Business Value Impacts

Our solutions are critical elements to digital transformation initiatives for the SAP customers who want to take their content on that journey

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# SAP documents stored to MS ECM
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Annual Person Hours saved using 1 of our Content Apps
Years experience
# hours to activate MS Azure for SAP ECM

Go Beyond Just ECM For SAP

Leverage Azure and Power Platform as a Content Services Platform

AL_ACS provides a whole series of interoperability services that intelligently allows Azure and the MS Power Platform to be used as a full service CSP for SAP ERPs.

Its Content Services Add-in enables MS Power Apps in support of agile application and process automation development, providing no-code/low-code development tools for rapid automations building and iterative expansion of SAP content-centric apps. 

All the SAP Content Action types are available to the Power App creator. They can transparently incorporate SAP Content Storage Resources in support of application and workstream activities, such that the “in-side SAP” users instantly can access and utilize the same business documents. azure ecm for sap

Common Content Store for SuccessFactors


Common Store Repository for SAP HCM and Success Factors HXM

  • Employee File Storage & Archive​
  • Compliant Access Control (SAP infotype based)
  • Advanced Document Search​
  • Employee File Content Centers​

SF_CCS: Common Content Store

for SuccessFactors HXM & SAP ERP-HR

Functionality Provided

  • Performs export of SF documents with Meta Data (scheduled, triggered, or manual)​
  • Loads to Azure Repository via ArchiveLink so are accessible by both SAP ERP & SF
  • HXM ​ HXM and SAP HR users can access the common HR Employee Document Files​
  • Option for Advanced Employee File Dashboards usable by both user  communities​
  • Supports removal of the exported docs from the SF system, so    “one copy of the truth” remains

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