Common Employee File Store for SAP (ERP) HCM and Success Factors HXM

Employee File Storage & Archive

Compliant Access Control

Advanced Document Search

Employee File Content Centers

SF_CCS Module for AL_ACS

Supports SAP ECC and S4/HANA

SF_CCS: Employee File Content Services

Intelligent HR Content Services for Personnel Files Inside SAP HR (SAPGUI) plus HTML5 for Azure & SuccessFactors Users

SF_CCS & Employee Doc File Center At Work

Fully integrated into SAP HR Access Control & Security.

  1. Access to and display of Employee records and docs controlled per HR-specific organizational authorizations for logged in AD or SAP users

For Example; Manager A can see only records for themselves and subordinates

  1. EFC displays information as authorized according to InfoTypes defined for each employee records and as permitted per the SAP Authorizations for either AD or SAP users
  2. DocSet.HR also supports to display of filtered InfoType controlled information for Non-SAP Users (Users without an SAP log-in)

Azure Web Admin UI

✔ Azure AL_ACS Repositories for HR Docs

✔ Define the mapping between SF and HCM Doctypes  

✔ Define Meta Data types be added as Doc Properties

✔ Define Run-time Parameters for SF Export Loading

SF_CCS: Common Content Store

Business Impact and Value

✔ Improved process efficiency for SAP HR & SF HXM Users

✔ One “Copy of the Truth”

✔ Compliant, secured Employee File Management

✔ Infrastructure efficiency, take your content to the cloud

✔ Addresses Success Factors max storage limits

✔ Reduced # of  seat subscriptions

✔ Gateway to HR process automations using  MS Power Platform